On today’s episode of One Cross Radio, we’re diving back into the vault and sharing what became the finale of our Into The Weeds series. Why is it the finale? Well, we recorded this back in late January when LOTJ dropped. Since then, we had recorded a couple other episodes, before creating our own separate show, The Radio Arcade Podcast.

Anyways! Join us as we discuss the first (and launching novel) for the new High Republic era of Star Wars! Did we enjoy it? Did we dig the characters? Was it a good launching pad for a new era, set almost 300 years before The Phantom Menace? Come on in and find out! We also touch on numerous side Star Wars topics such as the prequels, the sequels, old expanded universe/legends stories, The Clone Wars, Rebels, Darth Maul, Ahsoka, and more!

If you want to hear Christian and I discussing various topics, check out The Radio Arcade Podcast!

Hope you enjoy, and God bless my friends!