I have a list

Today’s post is going to be a short and sweet one. It’s just something I find helpful for my walk with the Lord – and so it’s something I want to share with you and hope will be beneficial to your walk.

So I have a list. The list of people and things that I pray for you daily. I have an alarm and notification that goes off on my phone every day at the same time. I don’t always pray at that exact time – but I will pray for the things on that list before the days done. What I like about doing it this way is the Lord will not let me not pray for those on my prayer list before the end of the day. It is the one notification that I can’t just click ‘complete’ when I haven’t actually done it. We all have those things/reminders – we skip them, we procrastinate, we go ‘yeah yeah sure I’ll do it later’ and then we do nothing – we forget or ignore it. But not with this – the Lord will not let me skip that daily task. His Holy Spirit will convict me and it’s a conviction we need. I have people on that list that I pray for that ask for wisdom, for health, provision, praise for blessings, for courage, for any number of things. And then there’s other people on that list and I don’t know what their relationship with the Lord is – so with them I’m praying for salvation, or for a renewing of their spirit and that they will turn back to the Lord.

All of these things are very important. Praying and humbling ourselves before the Lord daily is important. And know what’s awesome if you get into this habit? You see the prayers answered. You see God blessing, providing, saving, and people glorifying Him for it. It’s a truly wonderful process.

I also wanna be clear that I’m not writing this so anyone will look and see and go ‘oh Chris, you’re so spiritual/wise/whatever’ – cause a) no, and more importantly b) if that was my heart, I shouldn’t share this post, it’s against what Jesus said in Matthew 6:5.

So I encourage you make a list. Right one down use notes on your phone use a prayer app like prayer mate. Something – anything that gets you praying daily and having it not be a chore.

God bless my friends.

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