For the spoiler-free crowd, here’s your summation: it starts off strong but after the 4th episode the show’s momentum starts to sputter and drag. It lacks the hook and driving focus of the first season. That’s not to say it’s bad, there is a lot of solid character moments (/growth), acting, and some great episodes. But on the whole, I found it disappointing when compared to season 1. I’d also say that if you didn’t care for season 1, I don’t see this winning you over.

If you’re a Christian watching, there’s some things to be aware of: there’s multiple sexual scenes across the season (no nudity) and scenes of near nakedness (though not to the extent in the Punisher), swearing, drug/alcohol use and subject matter (viewer discretion is advised…) and some intense violence. If any of these are bothersome/a struggle for you, you should probably avoid this one. If all of this bothers you, then you should definitely avoid it. Alright, onto the spoiler (well, some spoilers) portion of today’s post…

So the main thing I found that didn’t work this season was it’s writing and pacing, especially with its villain. The lead villain this season was Jessicas mother, who we thought was dead. And while there was some solid character moments and development with Jess, the story was told and achieved by episode 6. The rest of it was just slowly getting to it’s conclusion (mama Jones death) – which you knew is what would happen, so it made those last 7 eps really drag. It would have been better if there were a second villain to focus on the last half, or if mama Jones went awol for a bunch of eps – because there was enough other (and more interesting)stories that could have been given more focus. It was a let down in comparison to what came before it, which was abundantly clear in episode 11 (which I’ll get to).

The secondary characters; Malcom, Trish, and Jeri all went on journeys this season – with some being more interesting than others. I’m not the biggest fan of Jeri (through no fault of the actress, she’s great) so I found it difficult earlier in the season to be invested in her story – but by the end of the season, it shifted its focus and was much more engaging. Trish’s and especially Malcom’s stories are much more engaging and insanely solid. Trish starts with an interest that grows into an obsession that can get very frustrating (if the writers wanted to make you feel anger at a character, they succeeded). Malcom, more than anyone else, is a growth machine. He goes on (from where we last left him), and becomes integral to the show’s story. Eka Darville almost steals the show for me, his performance this season was fantastic. I also gotta give credit to Krysten Ritter, who is great yet again in her performance.

With those good things in mind, however, the best part of the season was easily episode 11 which featured the return of Killgrave. Throughout the whole season, Jessica is constantly worrying she’ll become a monster who kills – people ask her to kill for them, the cops keep a closer eye on her because she’s killed before, and what’s happening with her mother. At the end of episode 10, something happens that gets Jess so shaken up she begins hearing, and then hallucinating Killgrave. He’s almost like a phantom that’s haunting and taunting her (which is what I was hoping for over the whole season). David Tennant shines (and steals the show) here, making the episode so much more enjoyable because he’s in it. That character and that performance elevate the show to a much more intense and interesting level, and they need to figure out how to bring him back or involve him more. I’m still excited for season 3, as season 2 took the characters in different directions and to new and interesting places – by the 13th episode, they were different people – and I want to watch more of those people.

Overall, Jessica Jones season 2 is a mixed bag that misses the high mark that was set by season 1. It’s by no means bad like Iron Fist, but it doesn’t achieve the same focus or continual great string of episodes that the 1st season does. With Season 1 Jill and I binged – we couldn’t stop watching and couldn’t wait to get to the end – whereas this season we found we could wait, and then just wanted parts of it to be over. Hopefully, they’ll grow and expand from the good (to great) elements in this season and regain that focus, and we’ll get a much more solid season 3.

What did you think of Jessica Jones Season 2? Who was your favourite character? Did it miss the mark for you? What were some of your favourite moments and episodes? I’d love to know! Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed! God bless my friends!