I am a life-long Star Wars fan, and this movie is very divisive – it had a lot of bad and nonsensical, but it had some really solid stuff too. Let’s Talk About – Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

What did you think of The Last Jedi? Are you one of the few who are in the middle ground with it? How would you rank it in the Star Wars franchise? Heck, what’s your favourite Star Wars movie? Let me know in the comments!!

Thank you for listening, hope you enjoyed, and please share if you can. God bless my friends!

Also, here are the couple links that I said I’d post:

Go check out Faith and Fandom, they’re awesome!

My top 12 Lightsaber battles

Unfortunately, I can’t post the Anti-Cheese Edits as they’ve been taken off youtube. You may be able to find them online.