To take a break from the ‘top 10s’ (man are those fun to write), I thought I’d look at something else instead.

I’ve been on a bit of a Power Rangers kick recently (currently giving Power Rangers RPM a shot). Not just the excellent BOOM! studios comic (which brings the original MIGHTY MORPHIN series into a more modern setting), but the shows (and unconnected) original movie; in all their back flipping, ridiculous, overly cheesy goodness. Through this kick I’ve been wanting to see the shows beyond what I watched as a kid (I got up to the start of Power Rangers Turbo, which I didn’t find any good).

Except there’s a lot of these shows. Like A LOT.  Seriously, it’s on its 24th season (Power Rangers: Ninja Steel) with a 25th season (Power Rangers: Super Ninja Steel) already confirmed…think about that, Power Rangers is about to be 25 years old…WHAAAAAAAT?? It’s half as old as Doctor Who!!

Anyways, even though most of the seasons are on Netflix (Canadian Netflix, atleast) and I can watch them in transit, that’s still a daunting task. And that’s where Linkara’s (from Atopthefourthwall) series on youtube comes in to play.
“Welcome to The History of Power Rangers; an opinionated and serious analysis of a children’s show utilizing Japanese footage with American footage about rubber suited monsters getting punched by people in spandex…and with a premise like that you can see why it deserves serious analysis.”  – Linkara

Now I’m not that familiar with Linkara (real name Lewis Jeffery Lovhaug), nor  the work of Atop The Fourth Wall, but I really enjoy this series/ongoing project. There’s a care here, an investment – Linkara is a fan, but he doesn’t let that colour his vision of the show. The project contains videos looking at each of the seasons of the over all series of Power Rangers; some having only one (summing up season 2 of Mighty Morphin) or as many as five videos (Megaforce/Super Megaforce).

As stated above, Linkara does these videos on a season by season basis. His approach is what I enjoy the most. It’s almost done in a documentary style (documentaryish, now a word); he looks at character growth (or lack there of), the theme of the seasons (magic vs technology, the apocalypse bringing out the best in people, environmentalism, laziness in production (looking at you, MegaSuperForce)), the overall continuity of the series and how the seasons may connect together (some are in an alternate universe, some aren’t but now have dinosaurs living with people…). Along with that though, he goes into some of the behind the scenes issues and how it impacted the show; looking at how they didn’t give the actors of Jason, Zack, and Trini (the first Red, Black, and Yellow Rangers) a proper send off (due to contract negotiations) and in their final episodes cut around them and used older footage and bad voice dubs – which is what I found the most interesting, and part of why I would recommend this to people. While Linkara does go into this, he also addresses fan theories and speculation but doesn’t confirm anything unless it can be officially confirmed, which is something I haven’t encountered from other fan series.

He also does look into how acting can add to the series, writing, and production (adding explosions taking away from the show do to them looking terrible and distracting), and the meshing of the show with it’s Super Sentai original (where Power Rangers gets a lot (varying degrees) of it’s monster and spandex coloured fight scenes from) footage. He doesn’t shy away from addressing when a show is bad (his rants against elements in Turbo and Megaforce had me cracking up big time), or highlighting when a show is better than it’s generally viewed (most of the Disney era stuff is lumped in as bad, but he looks at it very objectively). The only slight heads up I’d give is for minor language. Sometimes, any swearing can bug people, so just be warned – it’s there, but it’s on the lighter and less frequent side. His overall presentation is also interjected with sarcasm and humor, which definitely makes this a lot of fun (on top of interesting).

So, if you’re looking for a something to watch or listen to on the go and are interested in Power Rangers (even slightly), this series is for you – and can be found on youtube (at least most of it, some videos have been taken down due to copywrite claims). I’ll post the first video below, and y’all can go from there.

Thanks for reading – and getting through possible formatting issues. Trying, but don’t know how to fix those.

On an semi-unrelated note, here’s a hilarious clip where Alpha 5 gets reprogrammed and becomes evil (cracks me up big time).

God bless my friends!