The following post is rated S for spoiler

I went in expecting to like this movie and I left absolutely loving it. It may be my favourite X-Men movie, and it is hands down the best Wolverine movie.

Gotta mention this right off the bat – Logan is rated R, and for very good reason. So any Christian parents who come across this – remember, much like DEADPOOL, this movie is NOT child appropriate. Don’t take them to see this – there is swearing and bloody carnage a plenty. It’s rated R for a reason.

Now; let’s get into this shall we? (also, remember, spoilers)

There were SO MANY good things about this movie.

It was shot beautifully. It was a dreary movie – this wasn’t like The Wolverine or any of the X-Men movies where it starts in a dark/bad place and ends happily. It’s mood and tone starts heavy, has a few peaks, but still ends heavy. It maintains it’s somber mood throughout it’s runtime – which I was thrilled with, as that wasn’t something the same team had achieved on their last film The Wolverine (great first two acts, really lost it in the third).

It was much more of an intimate film – dealing with themes of loss, responsibility (as a son figure, as a father), loss of a loved one(s),  death. It handles these themes so well, and I found them hitting me fairly hard at points. In this film we find Logan  taking care of the Professor, who has become a shell of his former self – he’s frail, he’s losing his mind – crap has happened. The dynamic is like that of a parent feeling like the child is just waiting for them to die, and the child who is doing everything he can to hold onto what he has left. When they bicker – they bicker. They’ve been through so much together. Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart give their best performances in the franchise in this one.

Now, earlier I alluded to the R rating. The thing is – it works. It makes so much sense for the story they’re telling and the world they’ve set up. When the swearing comes, it doesn’t seem out of place or out of character. The other aspect of it is the violence. I won’t lie, it too worked. It’s in a weird way what I’ve been waiting for from a movie about a man with retractable knife hands for 17 years – the action finally lines up with the premise. There would be loss of limbs, blood, and death. They’ve hinted around it – and now they delivered, and delivered in spades. Please don’t get it twisted – I’m not a fan of gore for gore’s sake (hate stuff like Saw, which this is not), but it was all true to the character – and shot SO WELL. I was fanboying out in my seat next to Jill.

X-23 added SO MUCH to this film, and I can’t wait to see more from that character and the actress playing her.

There’s so much more I want to talk about (a thing I didn’t see coming which reminded me A LOT of Terminator 2) and great scenes – which even though I warned about spoilers, I don’t want to spoil – cause they’re so good. In the end I don’t want to spoil much.
And Logans last words – which I won’t spoil, were fantastic. Great for that character.

The thing I left with from Logan is that I hope they do more X-films like this, while not ruining what makes it special. They don’t all need to be rated R, but they need to focus on character and story more.

It’s not a perfect movie though – there is one thing (a brief nudity scene) you could cut right out, and a continuity issue (due to a far inferior film) they don’t really explain – but I can get past it cause the rest of the movie is SO dang good.

If you get the chance, and you like X-Men, Wolverine, the comics, or even the movies I highly recommend you see this movie. Just don’t take your kids.

God bless my friends.