Love Your Neighbor as Yourself

I’m sure by this point you’re all aware of the tragedy that went down in Orlando last sunday – and my first and foremost hope is that your prayers have been with the families and the souls of those who were lost.

This week, like many others (which has happened all too often recently) I’ve been staying quiet about the events on social media – because 140 characters or a facebook post isn’t the best way to get your heart across, at least in my opinion. Both are easy to misunderstand and missinteratation. Now I’m sure in some way I’m being a hypocrite cause I’m blogging about it, but I feel the length of this medium will lend it itself to clarity.

So while I wasn’t posting, I did what I normally do; I watched and read the comments, status posts, updates, articles, blog posts, etc. And I kept doing it as people stopped talking about it, and moved onto other things. But again – what I was seeing being said from people who are Christians (although thankfully, for at least a short time, less so than normal) was lacking biblical principals.

We are told, repeatedly, to love our neighbors as ourselves.. And I didn’t see that a lot this last week – and, admittedly, didn’t always do it (because while I didn’t say things, I certainly thought them – and it went beyond rebuke and was more an attack, so this is as much for me as it is you). Don’t get it twisted – to love, I do believe we also need to rebuke when its called for – but we often don’t rebuke, we attack – viciously, and poisonously (want a clear example? Literally ANY comment section on posts from The Blaze, especially on ones from Matt Walsh).

We’ll do it about refugees (“get em out of my country”), about gun rights in the states (“Stupid NRA people want us all dead” “Lefty scum/liberalist idiots/Barak HUSSEIN Obama(/Obummer) want to take away MY GUNS”), about our Prime Minister (“I’m so sick of this guy/idiot/etc.”), the poor (“why should MY money pay for people too lazy to get a job” – which, could be its own conversation given just how much the word tells us to care for the poor, but I digress), and on and on I could go.

What I’ve seen being said is not what the scripture informs us how to be. Let’s be real here – would any of us like, endure, or even tolerate being called any of the things in the above quotes? I’m willing to bet no. Or to put it more on me – would I like to be called any of the things I thought – in the tone, anger, and judgement I thought them? No. Not in the slightest.

And, again, please don’t get it twisted; there IS a place for firmer attitudes and harsher words – BUT there is also a process and way to do it…however, NONE of the above are an example of that process.

In closing, I’d like to do two things. The first is encourage further reading on the topic of loving your neighbor and how that could look/how it happens,  which can be found )here (christianity today) and here (desiring God).

The second is ask you to please keep my wife and I in prayer for safe travels, as next sunday we leave for a two and a half week trip across Europe to see family and be a part of a wedding celebration in a dear friends wedding.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for praying. May the Lord bless you my friends.

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