So since I’ve been sick again, I haven’t been able to do the Star Wars  Last Jedi blog yet. So instead I’m gonna do a post ranking the lightsaber battles. A couple of things first though – these are only from the 7 main films (the Last Jedi’s awesome saber-scene isn’t online yet, and Vader’s amazing slaughter-fest from Rogue One is a great scene but not a battle), as both the cartoon and CGI Clone Wars/Rebels are kind of their own beasts (and have so many) with the lightsaber battles. This is also going from worst to best. Let’s ignite this sucker shall we?

12) Obi-wan Kenobi vs General Grievous – Revenge of the Sith

This one is…just bad. It’s not even my least favourite of all the films, but it is the most disappointing. Grievous has a “oh snap!” moment igniting all 4 lightsabers, but his quick dismemberment negates it. Aside from that, Grievous had an AMAZING introduction as this incredible warrior in the cartoon Clone Wars that seeing him like this (and in the subsequent great CGI Clone Wars) was a total let down. And the battle in the novelization was more tense, where Grievous had killed other Jedi but couldn’t break Obi-won’s defences (he was THE defensive style master) and lost limbs at a much slower pace. That battle would have been much better on the screen.

And cartoon Grievous would have been incredible..

11) Anakin/Obi-wan vs Count Dukoo –  Attack of the Clones

Attack of the Clones miiiiight be my least-favourite of the franchise, and it’s lightsaber battles are no exception. This one is just so….blah. It was there to make Dukoo look gangster…which was pointless, cause he’s killed off 10mins into the next one, have some (I’ll admit cool) brief call-backs to Empire, and ‘hey, we need a lightsaber fight’. It’s the most bland – which a saber fight shouldn’t be.

10) Mace Windu (and the extras) vs Darth Sidious – Revenge of the Sith

This fight has some stuff I like…but the 3 other Jedi masters getting cut down like they’re TOS era Trek red shirts just…bugs me. Two didn’t even get a swing in (which is all the more frustrating if you watched the CGI Clone Wars, cause SO MANY characters got development on that show). Once it’s down to Mace and Palpatine, the action is alright (aside from Palpatines goofy/hammy faces) – but it’s a foregone conclusion. Plus, I wanted more out of Mace.

09) Obi-wan vs Darth Vader – A New Hope

It’s one of my least favourites (hence it’s position on the list), but it’s the least disappointing of those. This battle is no spectacle, it was an old man and a robot – but there was a story to it. It’s purpose was to push Luke forward, and it served that.

08) Anakin/Obi-wan vs Count Dukoo –  Revenge of the Sith

Definitely better than their Clones outing – faster paced, solid blade action, a good quick fight with a cool decapitation of an essentially wasted character at the end (do it).

07) Yoda vs Count Dukoo – Attack of the Clones

Is it flippy and possibly ridiculous? Yes. Is it still a blast? Heck yes. It’s one of the cooler parts of the whole flick. Yoda going flip crazy make sense, he’s like 2 feet tall – he needs a big fighting style – it shocks, and overwhelms – cause you’re not expecting all those slashes and jabs from all those angles from a 2 ft 800 yr old muppet. Great fun.

06) Yoda vs Darth Sidious – Revenge of the Sith

While less fun, and at points too silly – this is all n all a good fight, I enjoy how it descends into a master battle where it’s using the force to hurl things – in a stadium – at each other. It was a different lightsaber fight, and it was better for it

05) Finn/Rey vs Kylo Ren – The Force Awakens

While not on a technical level of even the above listed, it was still an enjoyable fight. From the brutal back slice, to the crumbling snow planet setting, it was a well done fight. Nothing to write home about, but nothing bad or silly holding it back either.

04) Luke vs Vader – The Empire Strikes Back

I’ll be honest, the next four switched order a couple times cause of how much I enjoy them. Empire is my favourite Star Wars movie (and film in general), and the lightsaber fight in it is great. Vader toying with Luke in the first round, throwing stuff in the second, and then taking off his kiddie gloves in the final round is just…just great to watch. That’s where the original trilogy battles are stronger mostly, they tell stories in them – often really good ones.

03) Luke vs Vader – Return of the Jedi

An even further step up from the Empire encounter, the battle in Jedi is the peak of the original trilogy. Luke almost as a master battling Vader on mostly even ground. Plus, that minute from when Vader drops the Leia bomb to Luke cutting of his hand? Friggen cinematic perfection.

02) Obi-wan/Qui-Gon vs Darth Maul – The Phantom Menace

This fight is all style, and that awesome style made for great substance. From the absolutly gangster double blade ignition moment to it’s dumb conclusion, this battle is *the* saving grace, the good thing, from its awful movie. It fires on all cylinders, except for the stupid part where Maul dies.

01) Obi-wan vs Anakin – Revenge of the Sith

What happens when you take the best thing about the prequels (fast-paced Jedi action) and the storytelling of the original trilogy battles? This. This absolute, wonderful, intense, insane, balls to the walls battle. Even when this gets silly, the actors still maintain it’s intensity. This is what we waited through all the prequels for – and unlike the majority of those films, this delivered IN SPADES.

What’s your favourite lightsaber battle and how would you rank them? What’s your favourite Star Wars movie?? Let me know in the comments!

Hope you enjoyed and share if you can! God bless my friends!