This is probably gonna be a short post.

So this week, premier Kathleen Wynne announced that minimum wage in Ontario will be increased to $14 come January of 2018, and then $15 in January of 2019. The reaction to it has been mixed.

A lot of people at my work making minimum wage are thrilled. Others in higher positions there aren’t so much…cause now they’re wondering how the company is gonna keep everyone at the hours we’re getting. Other worries I’ve heard brought up are how are they going to afford the other changes (paid sick days and 3 week vacation) and the increase? How much will our prices have to go up? How much more will the cost of living go up? How many jobs will be lost? What about the small businesses? The increase is both great news and has some worrying aspects.

The point of this short post is to encourage y’all to pray for our leaders. It’s easy to just praise or slam them for this (and I’m not saying we shouldn’t do either of those things), but it’s a big deal with A LOT of impact and should be prayed about.

Pray for the small business owners – my brother in law being one of them (who has a really positive attitude about this, it was great seeing).

And pray for peoples jobs – that with these increases people won’t loose their jobs, or generosity to those who depend on financial support (missionaries, shelter staff, etc) won’t lessen.

This can be great stuff, but definitely needs much prayer.

Thanks for reading, and God bless my friends.