So this coming weekend there is an event for Christian youth across Canada held in Paris, Ontario called Pitch and Praise.

Pitch is something that holds a special place in my heart because of how the Lord used it and people there to help draw me back to living life for Him. It’s a blast and it would be easy to talk only about the fun side activities they have. Don’t get me wrong, they are important and they have a place. There are concerts, dance rooms, sporting activities, workshops, giant group activities, tons of live music, skate parks, tug-of-war’s, and many other things. And they are great things to have for the bonding experiences and fun memories they give.

But the most important thing out of Pitch is the opportunity to witness Christ’s good news to several thousand youth – a bunch of whom aren’t Christians. It can be a witness through word, through the many speakers who will be preaching this weekend. It can be a witness through the bands and musicians performing in the concerts showing how to glorify the Lord with music – various kinds of music. It can be a witness on how to be a good Christian to other people – total strangers. You can witness God’s grace through peoples lives in so many facets. It can be a witness to how to be a community of people – how youth can interact with each other and with Christ.

My experience with Pitch was instrumental I believe. The Lord brought Christians into my life when I needed them. And then through them he brought me to Pitch and praise. While I was there he spoke to me through numerous fronts showed me how I can glorify him in loving music. Showed me how I can glorify am in reaching out to other people. And He also illustrated to me how far from being a Christian I actually was at that time. Through people there at that event he helped show me how I could glorify him more and grow in Him.

So I hope this weekend you will take some time and pray with me over this event over this ministry. There are several thousand youth going and we don’t know what their relationship with the Lord is. Let’s pray that the Lord will speak through the speakers and the workshop people. Let’s pray that the Lord will speak through the actions of the musicians, of the volunteers, and the youth leaders taking the kids. But most importantly, let’s pray that the Lord will save this weekend and that he will be glorified in His salvation of those youth. Thank you.


Young Chris and friends back at Pitch 2004