Hey y’all! Just wanted to do a quick post sharing two things! The first is my good friend Melissa Miller’s website. Melissa is a friend of mine from my Touchstone Youth Centre days, is a practicing Christian, wife to an awesome dude named Jason (who does some awesome kit/toy-model work you can see here on his instagram), and mother to two adorable kids. Melissa writes about fashion, life, her faith, and motherhood. Well worth a checkout – especially if you’re a lady looking for some good stuff on any of those things.

The other thing I wanted to share was the excellent 2003 cartoon Star Wars: Clone Wars. I’ve talked about it a bit recently, and found it on youtube today – so here ya go:


Seriously, how sick was Grievous in this show?!

Anyways, hope y’all enjoyed the show and Melissa’s website! If you can, make sure you check out the newest episode of One Cross Radio talking about the Star Wars Prequels with Steve!

God bless my friends!