On today’s episode of One Cross Radio, we’re sharing an episode we got to be a guest on over on Henshin Men earlier this year! 

To cover all bases and links, I’ma hit you with the summary from the original episode! Hope you enjoy, and God bless my friends!

With Travis still on break, Nathan brings on his friend Chris Cooke of One Cross Radio and Radio Arcade to see, as he puts it, “Power Rangers on Crack”—aka Super Inframan. If you’re thinking, “That’s from Hong Kong, not Japan! It can’t be on Henshin Men!” you’re wrong. It was made to tap into the “Henshin Boom” of the 1970s, and it had Japanese crewmembers who worked on Ultraman and Kamen Rider, among other tokusatsu. In an episode almost as energetic and crazy as the movie, Nathan and Chris muse about what a thrash metal band and album inspired by this movie would sound like, trademark every silly nickname they give to everything in the movie, and Chris goes on the biggest rant of his podcasting career. Welcome to the zany world of Inframan and Henshin Men!

Super Inframan is available on DVD from Image Entertainment and to stream on YouTube.

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-“Inframan Theme: Original Version” by Frankie Chan

-“Not Your Above-Average Joe [Standing Ovation]” by Ivan Hakštok