Today’s mini post is brought to you by; me wanting to write about something, and that something is Star Trek.

Let’s just dive in.


The Seige of Ar-588 from DS9 is possibly one of the best eps of Trek. Moody (but not overly dramatic) music, a tense atmosphere, some great lines from Quark, great acting (again, looking at Quark), and some awesome themes (no one’s hands are clean in war, the Federation using weapons they had previously condemned). Well worth a watch, you should seek it out on Netflix.

DS9 was great on the whole as well. I grew up with it, but I’m watching it again on Netflix – although out of order. Outside of the Q episode (Q-Less), I skip season 1 altogether (it’s not TNG season 1 bad, but it’s still hard to get through) and mostly go season 4 onwards. I know I need to revisit seasons 2 and 3, but when Worf shows up and Sisko goes bald and gets his goatee is when the show picks up for me. I love how the show weaves in recurring characters, and its space station setting allows it to do that. I love what the show does with the Ferengi, namely how Quark (and Rom and Nog) really redeem them from their depiction on TNG. I’m making my way through season 7 and just finding it so solid and funny. Worf meeting the new Dax, Ezri  (his wife Jadzia Dax died the previous season, and she was the host of the Dax symbiote) has been a crazy interesting story – how the heck does someone deal with the loss of a loved one who is in a way actually still there. I’ve loved how outside of Sisko and Quark, not everyone automatically accepted Ezri…sure, it took only a few episodes, but it was still a nice touch that there was some initial awkwardness. There are so many great moments with Weyoun as well, who’s hilarious at points. I’m looking forward to making my way through the show.

Star Trek Beyond was a fantastic movie, and I’d argue that it’s one of the better films in the whole franchise. I know a lot of people will disagree with this. But sorry old school Trekkies –  I only find two of the original cast/ TNG franchise films good (Star Trek 4: Environmentalism and Star Trek 6: Homeward Bound),  two excellent (Wrath of Khan and First Contact, both SO GOOD). Everything else varies from alright (Star Trek III: The Search for Spock and Star Trek: Insurrection) to awful (looking at you, Star Trek: The Motion Picture and Star Trek 5: The Final Frontier). Beyond though? It’s good. It’s really good. It’s the first of the Kelvin timeline films that got to be its own story (not bogged down by reverense to Khan or universe set up), it has a decently well-developed villain (it could have used more Idris Elba, but let’s be real – everything could use more Idris Elba), an actual captains log, a lot of nods to past Trek (especially Enterprise)…I just found it very solid and enjoyable. Is it Roddenberry’s vision? Probably not, but some of the best Star Trek stuff hasn’t been fully in line with his vision (he would not have been on board with Wrath of Khan, nor some/a lot of the stuff they look at on DS9). Plus, Jaylah? Winning a fight with Beastie Boys (in a great nod to Trek 09)? Crazy entertaining.

Star Trek: Axanar – it’s a fan film series with too much legal trouble to get into, but I’m just gonna post the video because it is well worth a watch. Hopefully the two part (and much shorter) later fan films will be as solid as this. Heck, hopefully, Discovery and future Trek stuff will take note from this insanely solid effort:

Plus, it also has J.G. Hertzler (MARTOCK FROM DS9)!

Man, the more I hear about Discovery, the less I want to watch it. I hope that changes and it’s good, but we’ll see.

Finally, if you can, check out William Shatner’s excellent short documentary Chaos On The Bridge. It looks at the very troubled production of (my first and favourite Trek show) the first three seasons of The Next Generation. A crazy interesting watch for Trekkies and non-Trekkies alike. Track this one down and give it a view.

Thanks for reading,  and hope y’all enjoyed. God bless my friends.