Today’s short post is brought to you by things that have been just absolute grace-filled piledrivers for me over the last few days. It’s sometimes the little things that do it (the piledriving), and other times its just the overwhelming reminder of how much the Lord loves us that does it.

So here are the things I wanted to share with you today; two worship songs – one by Shane & Shane and the other by David Crowder that feature audio from John Piper and Matt Chandler that just add to the songs in such a positive way that they wreck me in the best possible way. I hope they speak to you as much as they have me.

The next is an excellent sermon about the meaning of Lent from our friend Dave Lombardo at the Upper Room Community Church that is well worth a listen (we interviewed Dave recently on One Cross Radio, which you should check out).

The final thing is this episode of Veggie Tales I stumbled across yesterday. The awesome thing about it though, the moral of its story (how little lies can turn into huge ones) came up at work last night – with coworkers sharing how they had what started as little fibs that snowballed into huge lies. Sometimes, it’s the simple little things that piledrive ya. At the end of the day (and this post) I’m just thankful for how amazing and loving the Lord is. We don’t deserve it, any of this. But He’s given us salvation and eternal hope and life if we follow Him. GAH! Praise be to our wondrous, wonderful God!

Hope you all have a fantastic Easter with your families, hope you take the opportunity to reflect on all the ways the Lord has been with you -and may you praise Him. God bless my friends!