Yesterday while I was walking to work, I was listening to a session from the Elephant Room (something I often do when I have a long walk ahead of me). As I was listening to this session for what is probably the 150th time, for some reason or another a specific comment Mark Driscoll posed really stood out to me;

“Can we only do what the bible commands OR can we do whatever we want except what the bible forbids?”

Now within the context of the conversation he was having it was about facing that question as a pastor/in ministry. And if you are involved in those things, it’s most definitely something to consider. But I think it’s worth a go over even if you’re not.

I believe that we should do what the bible commands, and definitely not do what the bible forbids. But I think there is a lot of grey area in there, and we need to be aware of that. There may be something in that grey area that wouldn’t affect you or cause you to stumble that could cause someone else to. That doesn’t mean you are sinning, unless that thing lines up with something God has forbid/said is sin – and if that’s the case, you need to repent and turn to Jesus.

And that’s the brief thing I wanted to share.

Hope you have a blessed day.