Late night blogging! I gotta stay up for a training shift overnight tomorrow night, so I’m writing while extremely tired…just five more hours then sweet sleep…I’m having Tim Hortons flashbacks…*shudders*. But I digress. Earlier this evening my wife and I decided to go check out the newest addition to the MCU, Spiderman: Homecoming. And I can happily say we weren’t disappointed.

To get right into it (and to try to remain spoiler free), I gotta say this film is great. They finally did it. They nailed the tone of a Spiderman comic and had it on the big screen.

Now I won’t lie, I actually had some reservations going into this one. As great as Tom Holland was in Civil War, this still wasn’t the direction I wanted the series to go in. I’m bored of high school Spiderman, I loved Andrew Garfield (and Emma Stone), and I wasn’t crazy about the trailers (too much shown, too much Iron Man). Heck, a friend properly said “you won’t be happy unless it’s like the 90’s cartoon show will you”? And he’s right, that’s honestly my comparison. That was my first exposure to the wall crawler, his great rogues gallery – it was high quality stuff (silly censor enforced laser guns aside). But I digress again.

Keeping all those things in mind, I *really* enjoyed this film. Tom Holland NAILED it. The brief brilliance from Civil War is on full display here. He nails the chatty, smart alleck-y, sciency aspect of the character in every way. He was great, and I can’t wait to see more of him. The other highlight? Michael Keaton.


Keaton almost steals the show, and it’s great that they gave him a chance. Honestly, unless you’re Loki or a Netflix villain, Marvel doesn’t develop their villains. With Keaton’s vulture, they do. And the film is improved so much because of it. There’s a scene right near the final act that is so tense – and a big part of the reason it’s so tense is we’ve seen the villain do things. We have reason to care about what he’s saying, and the stakes are raised accordingly. Hopefully future MCU films will learn from this one. Keaton’s Vulture is a loose adaptation of his comic counterpart, but you know what? It works. It makes so much sense why he is the way he is in this film. I’ve never been sure comic book Vulture would work on the big screen, but if you do him like this – he does.

Another thing I liked about the flick is that it addresses the aftermath from the all the other films in a street level way. Left over alien tech, stuff from Ultron, and a bunch of others are addressed. It was crazy interesting to me. There’s so much more I could get into, but I don’t want to get into spoiler territory. Go see it. It’s well worth it.

On a side note, I hope future Spider-films follow the idea of The Amazing Spiderman in taking a comic title as a film one. I just really want to see “Spectacular Spiderman” or “Web of Spiderman” on a poster.

Now onto the rankings.

1) Spiderman: Homecoming
2) The Amazing Spiderman – this was my former favourite, and to me for good reason. It was (imo) a much better representation of Peter Parker and Spiderman over the first three films, better acting, better crying, and was anchored by great chemistry between Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone’s “Gwen Stacy”. And it had a great score. Still love this.
3) The Amazing Spiderman 2 – I know this one will be a major point of disagreeing with most people, but hear me out. As much as this is a very (frustratingly at times) flawed film, for me what puts it above the first 3 is that there is still things I actually enjoy in it. The chemistry between Garfield and Stone still anchors, and they still nail (albeit adapted) Gwen’s death, which is what would have made or broken the flick for me.

4) Spiderman 2 – the best of the first 3, but honestly I don’t find anything good here, save for one scene near the end (Harry being talked to by the ghost of his dad). This is most peoples favourite, but I honestly just find it, and all of the first 3, bad. To try to give it some kind of compliment though, it did do the transition from CGI Spiderman to Tobey a lot better. But that’s it.
5) Spiderman 1 – yup, pretty bad.
6) Spiderman 3 – ….*sigh*….I truly hate this movie, with every single fiber of my being. It’s just the worst in every way.

Shout out to JK Simmons as Jonah Jameson though. He was the only actual good thing from those first 3 movies.

The 90’s show is still the best though.

Anyways, thanks for reading. God bless my friends.