So the trailer for Star Trek: Discovery was released…and…eh, it didn’t win me over any more to the show. It probably made me less excited for it actually. Not that it’s a bad trailer (it was alright…and MAN are there bad trailers out there…which after The Force Awakens trailer (amazing trailer that only showed things from the first 30mins of the flick (with the exception of two shots)) I *don’t* understand how you can keep making bad trailers)…but I digress.

Anyways, I’ll be straight up – the show has an uphill battle to win me over. Now I have no issue with the cast or characters (which, apparently, people do). Star Trek has always had diverse casts, has had women leads, has had African-American leads, it has always been about diversity (which isn’t a bad thing), and not in a way where it changes a character race or gender for the sake of it – it’s characters have been written and intended to be diverse, so to be honest I don’t understand how anyone can be upset about this…annnd I got sidetracked again. Anyways, my main issue with the show is its premise; namely the time frame it takes place in.

It takes place about a decade or so before the adventures of Kirk, Spock, Bones, Scotty, and the crew of the USS Enterprise through the USS Enterprise A (or the NCC-1701 through the NCC-1701-A for the Trekkies reading), which is not new territory  for a Star Trek show. We had this before with Star Trek: Enterprise (which takes place around 100 years before The Original Series). And to be honest I don’t see how this show isn’t going to escape (some of) the problems that plagued that show.

Heck, possibly even more so than Enterprise, Discovery has to play it VERY safe to the continuity of the Original Series, since that takes place so close to it. And despite holes and retcons, Trek tries to have tight continuity. The other annoying thing you can’t do with a this show is tell certain stories; no Ferengi (debatably a good thing), no Dominion (it rebuilding, or hints of it at all…or anything), none of the species encountered from Voyager (again, possibly a good thing…the less Kazon the better, but still), no Q or the Q Continuum, no Borg (while Enterprise’s ‘Regeneration’ episode was good, it made a messy predestination loop that muddled the continuity). That, to me at least, is very limiting, and a Star Trek show shouldn’t be that limited.

I would have loved it if the show was taking place in the aftermath of Trek 09 (the first of the 3 alternate/kelvin timeline films from JJ Abrams and Justin Lin) – an era with a destroyed Romulus (a big player), Ambassador Spock vanished and presumed dead…there’s A LOT of story you could do there. You could revisit old species, introduce new foes, put a new spin on things, AND occasionally interact with characters from TNG – Deep Space 9 – Voyager and even carry on some of those stories . To me that would be much more exciting.

That being said, I’m still gonna give the show a chance, cause this graph here is for the most part pretty accurate:

some truth
I’ll still totally give it a chance, I just don’t get why the writers and producers are going in the direction they’re going with it.

Thanks for reading, and God bless my friends.