I cannot possibly rave about this series enough. It does so much so well, introducing great new material to the Star Wars canon, redeeming the menace lost to Darth Vader from the prequels – all while addressing some and tying into the better and key elements of those stories. Let’s dive in shall we (potential spoilers inbound):

So the series begins soon after the destruction of the Death Star, and things are not going to well for the Dark Lord of the Sith. The Emperor, with no one else to blame,  holds Vader responsible for the loss of the battle station. From there, the series takes some interesting twists and turns, and gets Vader in his Empire Strikes Back starting position.

So what makes the series so great? The grasp and understanding of the Vader character that writer Kieron Gillen has, along with creating a bunch of new and interesting characters. 0-0-0 and BT-1 for example…


who are murderous and hilarious dark twists on R2D2 and C-3PO, as well as Doctor Aphra – Vader’s willing (but forced into it) assistant for the series.

There are also a number of great moments, such as when Vader find’s out he has a son…

Along with a great number of (surprisingly sassy, but in line with the character) lines which you can read in James Earl Jones voice…


(alright, that second last one was from the Marvel Star Wars title, but it was in line with the Vader comic entirely).

Where am I going with this short (on words cause my words can’t do the comic justice) but picture heavy post? You should buy this comic. If you’re a comic fan, or even just a Star Wars fan, this is a great title.

If you loved that Rogue One hallway scene (down bellow), I’d liken this book – and especially the Vader Down crossover – to that. It restores the menace of Darth Vader, while having a great balance of comedy, emotion, dark and chilling moments, and a good story. I cannot state this enough, this is a fantastic title, one of the best I’ve read in quite some time, and you should definitely check it out.