The following post is rated S for spoilers

So the second season of Stranger Things dropped on Friday, and through unfortunately being sick again my amazing wife and I were able to binge watch the whole season on a rest and recover day. I don’t know how people can do this show one ep at a time, this one is made for binge viewing.


I’ll be straight up, I LOVED the second season. It was fantastic. There wasn’t much I didn’t enjoy. In fact, when pressed, I can’t think of anything. The season was different, and it needed to be. It couldn’t just be a rehash of the first season. It needed to build. And boy did it ever. This whole season was about story, character, and world building. It introduced several new characters, all turning in great performances (Sean Astin’s ‘Bob’ and Dacre Montgomery’s ‘Billy’ in particular). Billy’s character was a whirlwind of 80s macho and testosterone, and you were constantly wondering “what the heck is this dude’s deal?” – and when we found out he was being abused by his dad, it started to make more sense. I really hope they flesh out his character more in the third season, Montgomery makes him too interesting to NOT want to see more of him. Sean Astin was great as Bob, who unfortunately was there to bite the dust. But he gave a great performance and made the character so enjoyable to watch – you KNEW he was going to die, but he made you not want him to.

So what were the highlights? I shared this list on instagram the other day, but now I can go more in-depth about it.

st2 list

Steve and Dusting might have become my favourite characters this season, both were beyond entertaining to watch. Separately, both characters were on an ark and a journey, but the absolute highlight was the big and little brother dynamic they developed in the latter half of the season. Both Jill and I were like “where did this come from?” AND “why hasn’t this been here the whole time?”. I wasn’t a big Steve fan last season, and Dustin didn’t get much development. This season more than made up for it. Dustin was hilarious and engaging as a character, and Steve grew a lot from last season and this one. I’m so glad he wasn’t killed off (sorry, Bob). That, and the last 15 minutes of the final episode. Like it says up there, OH MY GOSH, a semi-horror show about preteens should not give me these many feelings (I swear, it’s the ‘Doctor Who’ effect (which makes you become way too attached to fictitious characters), but it does. Lucas and Max getting together, Dustin being comforted by Nancy, Will getting a dance date, Joyce further bonding with Sherrif Hopper, and FINALLY Mike and Eleven dancing together. It was adorable, heartwarming, and such a great ending. It’s a testament to the writers and actors to get us invested this much.

There was also #justiceforbarb, which was great.

The season left us with many questions too (and not on a cliffhanger) for the third season. What’s going to happen with Joyce and Harper? How will the new relationships impact the group of the four core boys? How will Billy be involved? What of the upside down? Will the Mind Flayer return? Is Will finally okay? What’s going to happen with Kali/008? Will we get an episode that’s just Steve and Dustin hanging out (please?)?WHAT’S NEXT?!

Seriously looking forward to Stranger Things 3: Tokyo Drift.

What were your favourite parts of this season? Did you like it more than season one? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed, feel free to like and share. Take care, and God bless my friends.