Attached below is one of my favourite Christmas specials/movies (in this case, TV movie) ever. My aunt recorded it on TV, we’d play it every year on Christmas Eve while we decorated the tree at her place, and then I’d borrow the tape and watch it like 5 times on Christmas day. Pretty sure I wore that tape out.

So why am I posting about this? I don’t know, to be perfectly honest. I’ve just been doing a lot of reflecting recently, and I’ve been gravitating to this flick in my travel and spare time.

There’s some really good stuff and funny stuff in this flick. And because I can’t help myself, some stuff that could be commentary on the church (I’m assuming it wasn’t intended, but who knows). Even though the church doesn’t shy away from talking about people being pregnant, there are issues (sex/sexaulity, for example) we still adopt a “it’s not polite to talk about, especially in church” attitude. Unfortunately, at times we still hold physical appearances against people – still gossip, still judge. We still have stuff to work on. But praise God we’re working on it, and through His grace we’ve made so much progress in sharing Christ with the world. I pray our progress will continue.

Hope you all have a blast with your family’s this Christmas, that you’ll all enjoy your personal traditions (a friend from work, she’s in her 20s, and every Christmas her and her brother still get photos with the mall Santa). And most of all I hope and pray you’ll reflect on and share Christ this season. I pray for opportunities to share your faith.

Give this (to me) gem a watch. God bless my friends.