I will be straight up; I have not been going to church as much as I should – and I have not been plugged in. This isn’t good. It’s not okay. This is however something I am working on, and ask that you keep me in your prayers in this area.

Twice in the last month I have had the opportunity to go back to Toronto and visit Calvary for the sunday service, and both experiences meant a lot to me AND reminded me of something that is needed and missing from my life – a church family.

The most recent visit, especially, made me aware of this. Throughout the whole service I had people asking how I was (health wise), letting me know they had been praying for me. People I didn’t know knew I had been sick. People who genuinely cared about me had been asking my family and loved ones for updates since I had left. I found this incredibly touching, and it brought me much joy.

It reminded me how much the church can and does help ones soul. These people have throughout my whole life have poured their time, their care, their love, their teaching, their wisdom, their experiences, and their finances into my ministries and my life. God used them to help me grow. THAT’S AMAZING! And that’s something I think we can only find in a church community. We need to be going.

I’ma leave with two things. The first is that as much as we like to make excuses not to go to church, we need to. We are reminded several times in scripture of this.

The second is a link to a sermon about the church from our friend pastor Steve Lambert, which you can listen to (and I recommend you do) right here!

God bless my friends.