So I’ve been on two kicks recently – one of them being The Legend of Zelda. It’s a fun fantasy franchise, with some great story, excellent music, and even better games. I’ll be honest, I’ve only played two games, and both were great; Ocarina of Time and it’s sequel Majora’s Mask. Both were on the N64 (ahhhh, the N64), and a blast to play. But I was never into games enough to get the new consoles to play them on. Later on I got more into comics, which is what kinda brought me back to Zelda…

Over the past couple months I’ve had the chance to pick up the manga  adaptations of Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask (and in that one, my first exposure to A Link to The Past), and goodness me are they great reads – both of which you can grab off of Amazon or *hopefully* at your local comic store (or Chapters/Indigo). The thing was after these reads, I wanted more – more to read, more to listen to, and (dare I say…more to watch?)

I want a movie series, but that’d be difficult for a plethora of reasons – some that can be illustrated in this video below…

and then this chart…


As you can see, stuff’s confusing – but thankfully some people have started to work it out.

So should there be a movie? Could it work? Where would they begin? Would it be a franchise? How would they explain the different timelines (which works for video games, but would be tougher for a film series)? Has there even been a good video game to film adaptation –  for real, has there been? I can’t think of one (just watched Doom the other day…aside from that awesome first person sequence, nothing good there). Is it worth the risk?

If “they” were ever gonna do a film series of it, I can’t imagine that it could be a series without confusing wider audiences (how does this guy, princess, and hog/human evil dude keep coming back every (several) hundred of years?) or angering the core fan base by just changing the stories of the material so they can be linear (so…no Wind Waker if they do a Majora’s Mask). The best case scenario would be to a single film – probably Ocarina of Time – cause it’s one of the more well known (and I’m biased to it, so, reasons).
If Ocarina were to be done as a single film, it could work as a ‘one and done’ story. And then we’d get it on the screen.

So where am I going with this? I’m not sure, I just want more Zelda stuff. And you should check out the manga’s and music. And if you have the consoles, some of the games. It’s a fun franchise.

God bless my friends.