So this short post is brought to you by my amazing wife. About two weeks ago for my 30th birthday, she surprised the dickens out of me with a PS4 that came with a game I’ve been wanting to play for years: Batman Arkham Knight – the fourth game in the amazing Arkham series. I was so excited to play this game, cause I love this franchise. It is the best and most accurate representation of Batman outside of the comics we have ever gotten. It is 100% comic book Batman in a different medium, the only place we’ve ever gotten even close to that is the amazing Batman: The Animated Series and Batman Begins.

So what makes these games so enjoyable? They are IMMERSIVE. The music sets the mood, the story makes you be all facets of Batman – equal part insane martial artist, and the master detective (which helps make the games not be boring and repetitive. Heck, an amazing part of these games is the predator mode. There are parts where you’re locked in a room with anywhere from 4 – 12 guys with guns. When you start off, they’re calm, cool, and cocky. But then you start to pick them off one by one, and as you do you see them become jittery and terrified of you – jumping at the slightest thing. It’s little touches like this (and the amazing combat system) that make the games so great. Heck, there’s been two great representations of it on the big screen in Batman Begins, and the heavily Arkham influenced in (the terrible) Batman v Superman: I hate this movie. Here’s the scenes, just cause.


Seriously, that warehouse one (minus the killing) is straight up out of these games. These aren’t something you pop on for 20 mins and then go do something else – you’ll be playing any one of these for at least a couple hours at a time, and want to go back for more. Each game has a really solid story and builds upon what came before it – but doesn’t lose what made it good.

So what’s my ranking order? This is tricky to the point where ATM I don’t have an answer. I know my least favourite though, and it’s Arkham Asylum.

Now don’t get me wrong, Asylum is a FANTASTIC game. But it has two problems, and only one is an actual con. The con is it has no great boss battles – at all, they are the only low in this game. Its other problem is that while it’s claustrophobic and smaller atmosphere are great when Arkham City (then Origins and finally Knight) came out, it went open world (with each following game increasing that worlds size) and added side quests – personally, it makes me want to replay Asylum less because it’s smaller. It’s still an amazing game though.

The other three are at a bit of a tie. Yes, I put Origins at the same level as City and Knight. Origins get’s a lot of flack, and in my opinion, it’s undeserved. To be fair it’s laggy, and yes it doesn’t add much it the combat department – but I’ll argue it’s the best of all four games story and boss battle wise. And the voice cast (who were not the usual Batman suspects) were fantastic, especially Alfred. Plus, that music! So good! I’ll admit I’m a sucker for Batman stuff being set on Christmas so I may be a little biased, but to me Origins was FANTASTIC. Now I haven’t said much about City or Knight – mostly because what more can be said about those two? They’re amazing, and almost universally the favourites for a reason.

Should you get the chance, play these outstanding games.

Now some quick thoughts about Marvel’s Punisher on Netlflix. This trailer dropped recently…

…and HOLY COW THAT WAS AMAZING. Benrthal looks great, the series looks like it’ll be as heavy and body count as high as we’d expect. This trailer got me PUMPED for this series. And kudos to whoever chose Metallica’s ‘One’ for the music. Fit SO WELL.

Alright everyone, I’m out and off to see Gone With The Wind on the big screen with my incredible wife.

Thanks for reading, and God bless!