INFINITY WAR IS UPON US AGAIN!! That’s right friends, it’s back, and it’s coming to your way again. On July 31st (seriously, we’re in August already?) Infinity War was released digitally and will be hitting Bluray and DVD shelves next Tuesday (August 14th). Deciding we couldn’t wait until the 14th, my amazing wife and I decided to watch it again digitally, and that’s what lead me to this list. Infinity War was a fantastic film, full of amazing fights, great scenes, and wonderful moments. But what were my favourite moments? If I had to narrow it down, and couldn’t just say ‘the whole movie’ or ‘the whole Battle on Titan’, what would they be? Well, now I have them. and I’ll be honest – they may change upon later viewings, but most of these were there when I first saw the movie back in April, so they may remain as well. Let’s dive in shall we? Here are my Top 10 moments from Avengers Infinity War.

10) Thanos’ hero shot:
To end the movie on this was outstanding. Thanos just ended trillions of lives with the snap of his fingers with no repercussions (in this movie anyway), and we end the movie with some wonderfully sad music while Thanos is smiling looking at a sunrise. The best villain got a hero/happy ending shot to end the film. Bravo Russo Brothers, this was excellent.

9) Gamora’s ‘sacrifice’:
What makes this moment so enjoyable for me is that 1) I didn’t see it coming, and 2) it showed Thanos wasn’t playing around (and 3) We got Red Skull back briefly). Here we found that Thanos, in his own insanely messed up way loved Gamora – and he was willing to sacrifice her to do what he felt he needed to do. So many villains try to weasel their way around things or aren’t willing for personal pain – Thanos was though, and as the movie played out we found out how much this hurt him (and I’m sure this will play into Avengers 4 as well). Infinity War is probably my favourite performance of Zoe Saldana’s as Gamora, and she is fantastic in this scene – especially as she realizes Thanos did actually love her and what he was about to do. Great scene that added more stakes to the movie as it went forward.

8) Thanos getting the time stone:
This was the moment you knew the good guys weren’t winning. Once Thanos got the time stone, it was a done deal. The rest of the time you had hope (albeit a decreasing one, as the movie kept going), but when he got the time stone, you knew it was over. From that point on no matter what happened, He could (and would) undo whatever he needed to in order to complete the gauntlet.

7) Thanos undoing Visions’ sacrifice in front of Wanda:
Poor Wanda, you have to feel really bad for her here. She was trying to save Vision/keep him safe for her entire part of the movie, had to wrestle with the aspect of killing him, and then actually kill him (and it couldn’t be quick) – the (m)android she loved. That’s gut-wrenching in and of itself. And then there’s Thanos, time stone in hand, who has to undo it – and he does. Wanda watches this whole horrific thing be undone and then redone. And Visions sacrifice goes from willing to unwilling. It was wonderfully messed up.

6) Doctor Strange vs Thanos:
I remember the theatre erupting into cheers when this mini-fight during the Battle on Titan scene was happening. In short, it was awesome. They really amped up Doctor Strange in this movie, and it showed just how powerful his character really is. Their fight was a power-fest feist for the eyes, with each doing widescreen destruction. This wasn’t one dude punching another in close quarters – this was two powerhouses launching beams and dimensions and KO blows at each other from a distance and moving in on each other. It started wide, and progressed closer. It was great, and whoever is making Doctor Strange 2 needs to take notes.

5) Tony’s reaction face:
I won’t lie – Avengers 2 onwards has been my favourite character period of Tony Starks. He’s grown, he’s changed, but he’s still Tony – and Downey Jr’s been knocking it out of the park as him. This moment comes when Tony, Peter, and Strange have met the Guardians. As Tony’s trying to come up with a plan, the Guardians are…being, well, the Guardians. And as we go from Mantis and Drax, we cut to Downey Jr busting out this face. This hilariously perfect “we are so screwed” face. It’s…it’s just wonderful.

“We are so screwed.”

4) “I am Steve Rogers.”:
A brief moment during the great Battle of Wakanda, with Cap at his most Cap. After briefly reuniting with Thor (who hasn’t been on earth since Ultron), Thor introduces Cap to Groot, who (while taking out some enemies) says the only thing he can say “I am Groot”. Steve doesn’t get that though; he thinks Groot’s just telling him his name, so he responds with a polite “I am Steve Rogers”. I love the whole downer tone and its escalation throughout the film, but the little moments of great character humour like this one (which give us a break from the rising dread) really make the film even better.

3) The ‘dusting’ sequence:
This whole sequence was fantastic. It was one punch after another, AND, it was the characters that people didn’t think would die. Going in, most peoples money was on the OG Avengers being taken out – especially Tony and Cap. But we got a curveball that included Bucky, Falcon, Panther, Wanda, Strange, Star Lord/Mantis/Drax/Groot,  and Spider-man (and Hill and Fury in the post-credits) in the trillions killed in the ‘snap’. The music is wonderfully absent here – there’s just the sound of people fading and the horrified and confused reactions that let you feel the weight of whats happening. It’s fantastic.

2) Bucky’s death:
Starting off the ‘dusting sequence’ with Bucky was a great way to go. All had gotten quite, the tragic music hadn’t struck – we knew crap was gonna go down, but we didn’t know with who. And then we here “Steve?…” and follow Caps turn to see Bucky – his best friend, his only living tie to his past, a friend he sacrificed his freedom-his home-and his friendships for, and we see Bucky dust and fade away. And before the movie lets us dwell on this, we cut to the rest of the dustings.

1) Spiderman’s death:
I cannot overstate this enough – this was an impactful, upsetting, unpredictable gut-punch of a move… and it was friggen wonderful. I love when movies make people feel things, and this dusting above any of the others hit the audience hard. It’s ones that audiences were talking about the most after the movie. It became memes, it’s become a reference point. It took a sad series of events, and then included a teenager! “Thought we were done suckers, how about this?!” I love it! Seriously, the only they could have done that would top this is including a scene were Cassie Lang (Ant-Man’s lovable daughter) was dusted. And major props to Downey Jr and Tom “Spoiler Machine” Holland for their acting here. Holland didn’t know this was coming – he was told right before it was filmed, and then he pulls out this wonderfully upsetting improvised performance. Great job.

What were some of your top 10 moments? What did you think I missed? Let me know in the comments!

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