These answers may shock you, heck, they’re shocking me. I’ll be straight up – I’m surprised by most of these. There are other movies coming out that will hopefully be excellent, but something in their marketing or premise is making me hesitant/iffy on them. Let me give some examples: I want to be stoked for Creed 2. I loved Creed, but I’m not sure how much water is left in that well. We’re one movie into this Rocky spin-off, and we’re already bringing in the sons of other characters, (in this case, Ivan Drago). The trailer made the movie looks very Rocky 3, which was alright – but still. The Rocky franchise itself only produced 3 great films (in my opinion), and the others ranged from alright to really bad. I don’t want the same for Creed, and I’m really hoping for a great one – but the trailer put me off. Another example is Wreck-It Ralph 2 – if you told me two months ago that I’d be more excited for (some) of the movies on this list over a second Wreck-it Ralph, I would have said not a chance. But even more so with Creed, I found the trailer very off-putting; it looked to be just a bunch of references to internet stuff and didn’t really show any story. The first Wreck-It Ralph was packed with references, but it worked within its world and its story. In the trailer though? It was Ralph and co being like “hey look, it’s Twitter! and Facebook! and Google!”…and that’s it. Why are they on there? Why is Ralph ‘breaking the internet? What’s the story/purpose of this movie? The last example is Shane Black’s The Predator. See, unlike the first two examples, I’ve been thrilled with both trailers for The Predator – but I’m not the biggest fan of Shane Blacks films, and atleast with the ones of his I’ve seen – you can’t just go with the trailers. Iron Man 3 had fantastic trailers, but Iron Man 3 was…well, Iron Man 3 (and I’ma leave it at that). With that long preface out of the way, let’s get to the list proper!

#5 – Mission Impossible: Fallout

I’ve never been a Mission Impossible guy – I just haven’t cared for the ones I’ve seen (1 and 2), and the others haven’t really grabbed me (it doesn’t help that I’m not big on Tom Cruise). That being said, this one’s caught my eye. I don’t know what it is – maybe Henry Cavil and that majestic mustache/beard of his (that would have bumped up Justice League’s critical reception by its mere presence), but this one looks like a lot of fun – and hopefully, it will be.

#4 – Aquaman
One of the so-so elements of Justice League was its handling of Aquaman (he was very ‘bro’) – that’s nothing against Jason Mamoa, but the characterization – which I’m really hoping we’ll get away from in this solo film. Aquaman is a character that’s had a huge uphill battle to be seen even remotely seriously outside of comic fans due to the old Superfriends show (much like people still think of Robin as he was in the 60s Batman show). Then along came Geoff Johns and who made Aquaman awesome. Johns run made me really like this character – and a lot more invested in this movie. An Aquaman movie has potential to be fantastic (but it’s a DC live action, so I gotta lower my expectations), visually stunning, and tell an engaging story. Hopefully, the movie will nail at least 3 of those things and capture some of the magic of Johns run.

#3 – The Meg

This looks like the right kind of mix of big and dumb. It’s a Megalodon, so the story almost can’t be serious – and with that kind of shark, it should lift it beyond regular bad shark movies. Plus, Jason Statham fighting a shark? Count me in, possibly twice, with a big bag of popcorn.

#2 – Spider-man: Into The Spider-Verse

While I have yet to read SpiderVerse, I’ve heard nothing but good things. But let’s be real – while we will probably get Miles Morales on the big screen in live action, other favourites like Spider-Gwen, Silk, and Spider-man 2099 are less likely. But in animation? That’s more likely. And given the story, I think an animated/non-live action Spiderverse movie is the way to go. Given the setting, different universes, and multiple-spidermen – that’d be mad expensive, especially when the main character isn’t the most famous/man Spider-man. Hopefully this movie will succeed and push other Spider-peeps to live action, but also show Marvel “hey, some of those stories that would cost WAY too much/be too hard to do live action…we can do it like Edge of Spider-Verse!”. I mean, DC has been crushing it on the animated (straight to dvd, and infinitely better than their live action output) movie front for years – Marvel can and should be doing the same. Hopefully, this movie delivers. I also really like the look of the film from the trailer, especially bits with Miles and his dad – they were sweet and legit funny.

This one seriously surprised the heck outta me…cause I really didn’t like the show it’s coming from… #1 – Teen Titans Go! To The Movies

This trailer was fantastic and won me over big time. Superhero and character-driven humor is *right* up my alley. I love the nods to the Burton Bat-films with the font, Batman: The Animated Series animation in the ‘Alfred trailer’, the joke about Green Lantern, the Atom getting a movie. The best part of this trailer? Will Arnett as Slade Wilson – and it addressing in a fun way that Deadpool started as a total ripoff character. This reminds me of the Lego Batman Movie, which was perfect. If it can even capture half of that flicks goodness, this will be a great time and movie.

But for real, the Lego Batman Movie was perfect…

What movies are YOU most looking forward to from the rest of 2018? Are they on my list? Did I miss them? Let me know in the comments – I’d love to know!

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