Comicon was upon us this  past weekend, and from it we got a bunch of trailers for upcoming shows and movies! Let’s dive in, shall we?

First, the one I really didn’t like…

DC’s (Teen) Titans:

Alright, so this one is a cheat – it came out before Comicon. To be perfectly blunt, I don’t care for the trailer, don’t like the look of the show and some of its characters, and don’t dig its tone at all. It’s like the writers and producers were like “let’s take the unnecessarily dark atmosphere left over from Batman v Superman, and put it on the Teen Titans, emphasize the agnst, and drop the Teen from ‘Teen Titans’ to make it darker! And we’ll have where Robin be all “**** Batman” (which, when that character was like that – it was right before he became Nightwing, and wasn’t still Robin) and they’ll straight up kill people!”.  I must have missed those issues…and shows….and interpretations…yeah, I’m out on this one. This trailer really put me off this show. Unfortunately, the actress playing Starfire (Anna Diop) has also been getting a lot of racist stuff thrown her way…which is ridiculous, and awful. Yes, I don’t like the costume direction they’ve gone with for her character – but that is no way this woman’s fault. If anyone, that’s on the producers and costume department – and they shouldn’t be harassed either. If they’re tweeted, it should be politely.

Now, onto the ones I really liked…

Star Wars The Clone Wars returns:

Whaaaaaaaaaaat. Clone Wars is coming back! If you haven’t seen this show, it’s one I’d say you’re missing out on. You can skip its terrible intro movie, and I’d say read about the 1st season and a half instead of watching it (it was pretty rough. Not TNG season 1 rough, but rough still). But once you get to seasons 3-5, you’re on one heck of a ride. The show adds so much to the prequel era, shows how Anakin could have been, creates wonderful characters (want great female pro and antagonists who enrich and add to the Star Wars lore? Ahsoka Tanho and Asajj Ventress are great places to start), it saves other characters that were cast aside, follows up on things on hinted at in the prequels, has some crazy good and dark storytelling, shows how the Jedi weren’t all that (and a bag of potato chips/crisps for you UKers), and has a Wookie youngling. It was great. Even though I don’t think is Star Wars being in damage control (Last Jedi being divisive, Solo underperforming, yada yada yada), the timing of this announcement is great and will make the fandom happy – they mostly loved this show. Looking forward to this.


One of two Captain Marvel movies coming out next year (Steve did a great series of articles about the legal history of the name Captain Marvel that explains what I mean, you can check them out here, here, and here), and this has me excited. Firstly, it looks fun – which is nice to say for a DC movie (and was sorely needed after that Titans trailer). Shazam! is by no means my favourite character, but when done right (like in Young Justice or Justice League War) he can be very interesting and entertaining. The most exciting thing about this trailer for me though wasn’t its characters, but it’s shooting location. This was filmed around Toronto, so I saw so many many things I knew from growing up – Victoria Park, Greenwood or Donlands Station, TTC buses and trains. But the most exciting of those sights – at the end of the trailer, where he breaks up the robbery – that was A BUSY BEE A BLOCK FROM MY HOUSE! It was just really cool to see those locations. The movie looks like it could be a lot of fun, and DC movies need that.


Another DC trailer that came out of Comicon (and was on my list of movies I’m excited for this year), this got me pumped for Aquaman. Jason Mamoa looks great as this character, and I’m glad it seems their toning down the ‘frat-bro’ elements that were a huge part of him in Justice League. The story looks interesting, and if the trailers anything to go by – this could be visually stunning. The best part? There is a lot of Geoff Johns excellent run is in this trailer, and that makes me very excited – they’re great Aquaman stories to tell, and a great way to get more people onboard with his character/movie.

And to end this post, here’s the one I loved…

Godzilla King of Monsters:

Ok, that trailer was beautiful. Not only does the movie look gorgeous, it looks like an engaging story, a great cast, AND ALL OUT MONSTER BATTLES. That shot of Mothra? Awesome. Rodan flying and taking out planes? Awesome. Godzilla? Awesome. KING GHIDORAH’S ANTI-GRAVITY BEAMS AND SILHOUTED IN CLOUDS? AWESOME!…Clearly, this trailer unleashes my inner fan boy and child, who grew up with Godzilla movies marathoning on SPACE on saturday nights. I am SO excited for this. Heck, as a trailer, I love this trailer. The choice of music was a great one. It gives all the scenes of mass destruction this weird (yet wonderful) tragic beauty to them. I cannot wait for this movie, and I hope it delivers.

What did you think of the trailers above? Did they get you as excited as they got me? Whats something out of Comicon that got you jacked? Let me know in the comments!

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Hope you all have a wonderful day, and God bless my friends!