We serve a God who answers our prayers

Yesterday I received some awesome news; a prayer that I (and others) have been praying for had been answered! Man was I excited.

The prayer had been for a friend; her and her husband had been having some issues conceiving. They had been trying for awhile, with issue after issue popping up. People had been praying with them and over them this whole time – and praise be to God, I heard recently that they are pregnant and expecting their first full term child! Isn’t that amazing?! God has healed and solved the issues, and is delivering on this desire of their hearts.

Throughout the rest of the day I found myself coming back to this and finding joy. However, there were two internal conversations.
The first was someone asking ‘why didn’t God just answer it before?’ – which lead me to reflect on the scriptures (for example; Abraham and Sarah in Genesis, Manoah and his wife (Samson’s mother) in Judges) – and even my own life – and how the Lord will answer on His time, and honestly – His time is wisest. If I got some of the things I wanted when I was praying for them then – things would be very different, and they would not have worked out. God eventually answered those prayers – and those answers were BETTER than the ones I initially wanted. I need to remember this more often. His timing is perfect.The second was someone saying ‘come on Buff – the Lord doesn’t answer prayers few and far between, He literally does it ALL THE TIME’. And you know what? He does. The Lord does all the time. I think though we sometimes get so focused on the prayers/desires that we way feel aren’t being answered (and the stress/frustration that we allow to come with it) fast enough (for me; full time ministry work) that we stop seeing the every day blessings and answered prayers that we lift up.

The Father answers our prayers DAILY – we need to reflect on this and let that reality bring us more joy in Him.

I would also ask that if you are reading this that you please keep this unnamed couple in your prayers – rejoice for the blessings that God has given them (and you), and that His hands of protection will be on the mother, father, and child. Thank you.

God bless my friends.

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