Before we literally turn the clocks back later tonight, let me figuratively turn them back now.

It has been a lot longer between posts than I would have liked – but to be straight up with you, life has been crazy.

Since I last wrote I had to quit my overnight job, Jill and I have moved to Hamilton, I did driving school, and found a new job. That’s a lot of stuff. I know it’s been like two months since I’ve wrote but it feels almost shorter because of how much was going on and how often. With all that going on I haven’t necessarily been in the mood to blog (I’m sitting on a couple half started posts). It’s been stressful, it’s been heavy, it’s been emotional, and it’s been exciting.

Through it all though God has been with us every step of the way – even if I didn’t feel it at the time. When I pause and look I can see Him all over it. He blessed with finding a great new place when we were in a time crunch. He blessed me with finding a new job quickly – one that I’m really enjoying. He’s taken care of us financially when we’ve needed it (through the love and and grace of family and friends). And He’s blessed us with giving friends and family who helped tremendously with a smooth move.

So I want to encourage you; please, just take a moment to pause and look at how our Father has been with and blessed you – especially if you didn’t think He was at the time. I guarantee you that you’ll see His work.

Please keep my wife and I in your prayers as we seek to find a church in our new area.

God bless my friends.