Why are some of the most straightforward scriptures the toughest to follow?

A little bit of a forewarning – it is currently 3:18 am (or 8:18 for you Northern Irish and English folk who read this), and I’m staying up late to prep for starting my over night job with a nation wide coffee chain tomorrow. I hope this will all make sense.

So onto the title – why are the most straightforward scriptures the toughest to follow? This question is a broad one (and one I’ll probably come back to for a different topic), but tonight I’d like to focus it on one topic in particular; forgiveness.

Why is this so hard to practice? I mean, we are told numerous times in scripture that we need to forgive others (or things to that extent). We are told to forgive people seventy-times-seven times, do good to those who hate and curse  us, and to do as the Father did.

I think part of it comes from our fallen nature – when someone wrongs us (be it large, or (honestly – and unfortunately) trivial) we don’t want to let it go. We don’t want to forgive them. Maybe we want them to know ‘you’re wrong!’ or maybe we’ll to hurt them like they hurt us. It plays into our pride a bit – because for some reason, we’re worried that if we’re ‘too nice’ or ‘too forgiving’ we’ll be viewed as pushovers. Or maybe we don’t want to forgive someone cause they disagree with us politically or about a hot button issue – and for some reason that’s not okay. Heck, maybe we just don’t want to forgive someone for wronging us because we don’t think it’s fair (which, again, fair flew out the window with Christ dying for us).

I don’t mean to downplay anything you’ve gone through personally – but ultimately the point I’m trying to make is that anyone who identifies as a Christian – we have ZERO actual reasons not to forgive. We have none. At all. It boils down to the fact that the Father (through Christ) forgave us for our sins. We have been forgiven. We should too forgive. If Christ can forgive us for putting Him on the cross – we can forgive anything.

So I hope this week you will actively seek to forgive people – be it in person, online, or finally let that grudge go – however it looks, I hope you (and I) can get that process going. I hope you’ll pray for your enemies (or people you strongly disagree with), and most of all I hope you experience God’s amazing graces this week. Hopefully this blog post will be helpful for you.

On an unrelated note, I want to share two things; one is telling you to check out Cameron Butryn’s new blog post (I wouldn’t share them if I didn’t find them so beneficial. The second is a quote from a previous post of Cam’s which has continually hit and challenged me this week; “We are products of our environments and sums of our indulgences”. That quote hit me like an upper cut to the face (or ‘bee’ ships taking out the Enterprise for you Star Trek fans). I instantly thought of times where I was surrounded by sin and things that I shouldn’t be – and how negatively it was all affecting me then. Now; I’m trying to take it as a challenge. I need to not indulge in sinful  or idle things, but more and more every day indulge in and surround myself with the Lord, His people, and His word. Please pray that I will be diligent in doing those things.

As always thank you for reading, and may our truly awesome God bless you my friends.

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