Some titles just write themselves.

Wonder Woman is easily the best film of the DCEU, but it deserves a better compliment than that, because frankly that’s not a challenge (Man of Steel was the only one that has been alright so far). Wonder Woman on the other hand  was a really good movie, as well as hopefully being a bit of course correction and a sign of things to come for the DC Extended Universe of films.

I will also straight up say its not a perfect movie (I can’t fix that there’s extra text here unless I leave this here for some reason). While its very enjoyable, with particularly great performances from Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) and Chris Pine (Steve Trevor), it does suffer a little bit from issues that are in a lot of comic book movies. The villain isn’t that strong villain (in terms of characterization) – though is hardly a Whiplash or Aldrich Killian. And the ‘twist’ (thankfully, again, not a ‘I AM THE MANDERIN!’ level of stupidity…seriously, Iron Man 3 was the worst…but I digress) involving that villain can be seen coming from early on in the movie but it’s supposed to be a surprise. Those things, and one or two really weird camera angles that just briefly took me out of the movie were its issues. That’s it. At least for me.

Those being said, this is still a very strong movie. As said above, Gal Gadots performance is great. I mostly know her from the Fast and Furious franchise, so I didn’t know how much range she’d have (I love that franchise, well, 5-8, so that’s not a slam) – and Batman v Superman didn’t give her much to do. But here though? She shows she has range. She handles the emotional scenes very well, and plays the ‘fish out of water’ aspect of her character perfectly. I can’t wait to see more of her work both in this role, and in general. Chris Pine was also great in this movie. Though he had less emotional scenes, when he did he was fantastic. His comedic timing was also on excellent display, with some hilarious (almost deadpan) reactions to Wonder Woman’s words and actions. The film, while visually different in some ways (much more colourful) from others in the DCEU, it is still very visually connected – especially in the battle scenes. Which it needed to be. You can’t have one film look too different from the other.

Now there has been some controversy with this movie, with Wonder Woman being a feminist icon. Some are worried that it’s gonna boil down to ‘women amazing, men suck’. It doesn’t. It definitely shows the strength of Women, which is GREAT. But it doesn’t do it in a way where its like ‘men are the worst’. When talking about the flaws of the world of men, it doesn’t say ‘oh, if only women were in charge’ – it looks at mankind’s flaws, both genders. And has strong male characters – whom need saving and help repeatedly, which isn’t a bad thing. The other controversy is that there have been some ‘women’s only’ screenings of the film – which, honestly, so what? People say ‘if they did that with men it’d be an issue’, but the thing is (with the exception of the terrible  Elektra and Catwoman films) there hasn’t been a woman lead superhero film, most have been exclusively male superheroes. Hopefully with the success of the film, we’ll get more of the women hero’s on the big screen, we can all see them together, and enjoy a big bag of popcorn (and turn down the ‘politics’ a bit).

So when you can – whether you know this character or not, whether you’ve enjoyed the other DCEU films or not, go check out this movie. It’ a really enjoyable time.

wonder womaaaan
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